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Helping Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset

It was a pleasure to hear how many of you attended conferences last week. We are committed to a school-family partnership to ensure the success of our children. If you were not able to attend conferences, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s) to schedule a time to discuss your child’s progress. Our secondary teachers have entered grades from the first marking period. Although we no longer calculate grades using marking periods, we wanted to provide you with an accurate sense of your child’s performance. Elementary report cards will be made available in PowerSchool on November 22. This newsletter contains important information about Encouraging a Growth Mindset in Your Child Common Sense Media/Digital Citizenship Secondary Grading Wednesday is a half-day   Helping Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset The concept of “growth mindset” was developed by Carol Dweck. She claims that growth mindsets have the power to inspire different goals and positively alter our views about effort. Whe
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October 11 Newsletter: 1/2 Day, P-T conferences, Technology

This newsletter contains information on Wednesday, October 13 is a half day for students Parent-teacher conferences Mass communication Culturally Responsive Teaching and Anti-Racism Student Zoom Accounts CommonSense Media Wednesday, October 13 is a half-day for all students .  Classes will begin at 8:30 and end at 11:30. Middle school and secondary students can meet with their teachers from 11:30-12:30. In the afternoon, all teachers will be participating in professional learning.  At 11:30, sophomores and juniors will attend a seminar about taking the PSAT. Please use this link to join the meeting: Meeting ID: 881 1974 7279     Passcode: 343887  The PSAT will be taken on October 26. More information about the PSAT can be found here .  Secondary Half Day Bell Schedule 8:30-9:10 1st Period 9:15-9:55 2nd Period 9:55-10:05 Break 10:05-10:45 3rd Period 10:50-11:30 4th Period 11:30-12:30 Office Hours Parent-Tea

Value of Volume Reading and Grading

Families,  Thank you for your flexibility during this past week as we navigated student growth assessments and a flood day! Monday, September 27 is a no school day for students. Our teachers will be learning with other teachers throughout the day.  Secondary Schedule for the Week Tuesday and Thursday: B-Days  Wednesday and Friday: A-Days  Value of Reading Education is always a partnership between families and schools. With virtual school this partnership is even more important. We are so appreciative of all the work you are doing as parents and caregivers to ensure the success and growth of our children.  In this and future newsletters, we will highlight ways you can support your child's growth by engaging them in learning. Today's newsletter is focusing on reading.  Reading builds general knowledge and reading proficiency. By reading, children learn words that are not used a lot in speech but are important to learning academic concepts. Our spoken language is different than ou

Family Technology Nights, When Your Child Gets Frustrated, Meal Pick Up Times

Hello, We're excited to begin week 4 of the 2021-2022 school year. I am appreciative of how we as a school community have come together to start this school year. As educators, we consider ourselves fortunate to teach your children and for you to welcome us into your homes.  We strive to create a learning environment where everyone belongs by building trust and ensuring all students feel safe and included. Our teachers are making use of morning meetings, personal check-ins, small group conversations and more to connect with our children. Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin our middle school advisory program and have our first sophomore/junior/senior seminar meetings during the 10:00-10:30 block and our teachers will be collaborating with students and families to develop personal learning plans and more. At the elementary school, we are also working with Miles Nelson, Coordinator of Mental Health and Wellness, to provide students with engaging social-emotional wellness less

First Week, Attendance, Setting up a Learning Space

First Week What a phenomenal first week!  It is our goal to create a school where each child feels special, valued and included. We do this by recognizing each child's individuality and by communicating and partnering with you.  I am so proud of each of our teachers who created first-week lessons that created a warm and welcoming online learning environment designed to ensure each student's social, emotional and academic growth. But, what was most exciting was to see and hear about our students and how excited and energetic they were about the start of virtual school.  We have improved our website  and will be adding more features and a calendar to it to make it a better resource for you. I know many of our teachers are sending out weekly newsletters. This is our first weekly newsletter; a link to it and all editions can be found under Quick Links on our website.  We are also seeking parents to be part of our parent advisory committee. This committee will meet monthly to plan a